Kazakhstan to Xingjang

So, it has again been a while since an update. However, having now set up a VPN should help with that, and the internet here is at last a bit more accessible.


We spent yesterday crossing the border from Kazakhstan to Xingjang, and today crossing a huge portion of land. A huge portion of land which is only a tiny fraction when compared with the vast size of China. However, with the help of our current guide, Benny, we’ve now sorted out all the paperwork for travelling through China. We even have our own Chinese license plate now, something to take home as a momentous! While there is a lot of travelling to be done, it is across an incredible landscapes, and just today we have seen some beautiful sights in the highlands of this province.


It’s also worth having a mention of how good an impression we had of Kazakhstan too, it really was a nice surprise. The people were generous and the landscapes wild. A really pleasant combination. And when I say the people were generous, I’d personally go as far as to say it was perhaps the friendliest country we’ve been through so far, with no end of free gifts – free peaches, free ice cream, and even a free flag! Everyone seemed to want to welcome us and leave us with a good impression of their homeland.


(Unfortunately having problems at the moment uploading photos to the website – working on a solution to that, but I didn’t want to neglect to give an update on our situation just because of that.)

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