Scotland Road Trip Gallery Photos

Click here to see the Scotland Road Trip Gallery Photos, just 12 of nearly 4000 we took.  To see more, you will all just have to wait for our book coming in 2019!

Anyway now I’ve got your attention, don’t forget it’s only 2 months before we will be revving up the car and setting off towards Mongolia!   10,000 Miles in a, lets be honest, not really capable car!

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Scotland Road Trip

We decided another pre-Mongol Rally trip was in order, and so over the Easter period we drove the North Coast 500. It gave us a great chance to test our map tracking system on the iPhone and it worked a treat as you can see below. This is the Actual Recorded GPS data of our drive.

Simon & Shaun start in London, then we went via Bradford through Nottingham, a quick stop over in Market Rasen. On the second day we drove up to meet Peter in Aberdeen and picked him up for a brief drive over to Inverness before letting him return back to his studies via train.  We continued up into the North Coat 500, a special tourist route which takes you on a ring road around Scotland’s Highlands. We passed John O’ Groats and took the ferry over for a day trip in the Orkney Islands.

Once most of the way round, we decided to detour back down via Loch Ness and head south, with yet another detour this time to Mallaig, a beautiful spot. From there it was down through the Lake District, over to the Yorkshire Dales and York for a quick overnight stay.  Finally driving down the M1 back to London. All in 8 days!

It certainly helped us in our preparations for the Mongol Rally and now we just need to finalise getting the Visas and raising the funds for the whole trip!

Please help and Donate, pass this on to your friends and family, help us to raise the money for our 3 charities and bring the Arsenal donated football shirts to the street kids in Mongolia!

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ps. Photos of the Trip will be put into the Gallery area soon, just give us some time to find the ones we love most!