Norway dry run

Sorry for the relative silence, Simon was away travelling in the Philippines on another venture and just didn’t have time to update things here.

Anyway, as you may have heard, Simon only got his driving license in July so we’ve planned to go on a dry run rally up Norway to the Arctic Circle. This will take place from September 17th until sometime in the first week of October. We have been stocking up on what we need, and hopefully most of this stuff will make the real journey on the Mongol Rally in 2017!

We will be doing some Blog entries during the trip, and will be updating the Gallery page with some stunning photos so please do follow us on twitter (@footiemadnomads) for those.

Please don’t forget to Donate if you haven’t already, we are working hard trying to achieve a good result for our two charities and hope you will help us along the way.

Some of the things we hope to see…

norway1 norway2

One thought on “Norway dry run

  1. Had some new tyres put on the car in today in preparation for Norway. The guy also very kindly put the best of the old 4 tyres onto the spare as it was in a terrible state!

    5 Days to go…….

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